Advanced Use

Advanced usage tips for Coffee Break

Quick note creation

Press Ctrl-Alt-N (Cmd-Alt-N on Mac) to quickly create a meeting note. You will be asked for a title of your note and after pressing Enter a file will be created with the name YYYY-MM-DD <Note title>.md where YYYY-MM-DD is the current date.

If you want the file to be created in a particular Notebook, simply type a comma (,) after the title and a few characters of the Notebooks’s name.

Advanced filtering

You can use advanced filtering by Alt-clickinng (Option-clicking on Mac) some of the icons:

  • user icon - input box will appear where you can enter a particular’s user nickname. If you leave the input box empty and press Enter, unassigned tasks will be shown.
  • date icon - input box will appear where you can enter a particular date. Only tasks due by that date will be shown.

Entering dates

When you type two slashes (//) a dropdown will appear with a list of due dates.


Continue typing or select from the list.



You can label any task with a hashmark (#) followed by a name of a notebook. The task will then show in the sidepanel as belonging to that notebook.

Usage example: During a meeting with the Marketing department, you are given a task that will have to be discussed at your next meeting with Sales team. By adding the #Sales label to it, it will also show up under Sales in the sidepanel and you won’t forget to follow up.

Agenda, dedicated task lists

When the name of a file begins with with @, all unassigned tasks in that file are automatically assigned to a user corresponding with the name of the file.

Usage example: Create a file called and store all your agenda for an upcoming meeting there. The tasks will show in the sidepanel under a virtual owner “agenda” and you will be to see them even when taking notes during the meeting.