Sync plugins (for developers)

Sync plugins are just plain old VSCode extensions that provide command(s) handling the task sync. Currently, the following sync plugins are available:

If you need synchronization to a different task manager, all it takes is to create an extension with the necessary sync handler. Below you can find information on the architecture and expected behaviour of such extension.

Data flow

When the user runs the “Coffee Break: Synchronize with external task manager” command on a particular file, Coffee Break takes all the tasks assigned to the primary user (see Collaboration for details) and sends them the command that has been configured at the workspace or folder level. In the example bellow the tasks are sent to the coffeebreak.todoist.sync provided by the above mentioned plugin.

  "coffeebreak.sync": {
    "command": "coffeebreak.todoist.sync",
    "project_id": 12345678,
    "labels": [ 121212, 343434 ]

Note: All the remaining attributes of the sync object (i.e project_id and labels in this case) are passed as one of the arguments to the sync command. Available attributes and their behavior should be described in your plugin’s documentation.

Expected API

Your plugin is expected to contribute one or more sync commands. The command is expected to take three arguments:

  • tasks - an array of task objects
  • uri - URI the text document being processed
  • options - an object with the remaining attributes from the coffeebreak.sync object

The expected return value is the original array of tasks with the .externalURL attribute set for all the tasks that have been successfully synchronized.


  • the url will be added to the end of the task in the original file by Coffee Break, see External Sync for details
  • you can use the .externalURL attribute to determine whether a task has already been synchronized and extract its ID


Please keep in mind that the user will have to configure the sync. In your documentation you should provide at least the following:

  • exact name of the sync command (feel free to follow the coffeebreak.<name-of-service>.sync pattern)
  • any attributes the can be passed via the options object and their meaning

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

  1. The Todoist Sync plugin is a VSCode extension that has been developed by me and can serve as a basis for your own plugin synchronizing to a different task manager. ↩︎