External sync

Coffee Break has been prepared for synchronization to an external task manager. Currently, the following sync plugins are available:

Make sure you follow the plugin’s configuration instructions before running the sync.

To run sync, simply press Shift-Ctrl-P (Shift-Cmd-P on Mac) and select the “Coffee Break: Synchronize with external task manager” command.

After successful sync, links to the external tasks should appear in your notes, e.g.

- [ ] this task has been synchronized to Todoist [](https://todoist.com/showTask?id=123456)

If you’d like to develop your own sync plugin, please refer to the Plugin Dev documentation.

External sync configuration

There are three things to keep in mind when using the external sync:

  • you need to install a sync plugin for your deserved task manager
  • you need to configure the coffeebreak.sync.command in Workspace/Folder Settings
  • only tasks of the primary user will be synced, for notes on how to setup primary user, see Collaboration
  • when running the sync for the first time, you will probably be asked to provide an authorization token for the external service - please see documentation of the sync plugin for details

Note: If you’re not sure how to properly configure sync options at workspace and folder level, please refer to the last paragraph of Coffee Break: Todoist Sync documentation which shows a recommended setup that you can use as a good starting point.

Fixing sync configuration issues

To simplify resolution of various sync issues, you can hover your mouse over any incomplete task’s checkbox and a hover message will pop up showing the actual configuration that will be used to sync that particular tasks (which is a combination of the workspace, folder and mention config).